European Tech Jobseekers in 2024: Navigating a Shifting Landscape

The European tech job market is facing a period of uncertainty in 2024, with only 20% of tech companies expected to hire in the next six months. Despite this, the sector remains buoyed by a strong venture capital network and growth in key areas like fintech, digital health, and climate tech.


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The Changing Face of Tech Employment

Last year, the global tech industry saw over 240,000 roles eliminated as many tech giants reduced their workforce. However, Europe's tech sector continues to be underpinned by a robust VC network that has increased its capital by 100x over the past two decades. Despite economic uncertainties, significant investment potential remains.

Predicted Career Opportunities

Experts anticipate that European tech startups will concentrate on core services, leading to increased demand for front-end developers, DevOps engineers, and blockchain developers. Digital companies are likely to seek Python developers, web developers, and digital marketing managers. SaaS- based startups in the EU are expected to focus on next-gen products and user privacy, creating opportunities for product managers, customer success managers, and security engineers.

Deloitte’s Tech Trends Report Insights

Deloitte’s Tech Trends Report highlights job trends within the tech landscape, including roles in the industrial metaverse, generative AI, and big data analytics. Spatial technologies in the industrial domain are expected to offer promising job prospects, with roles in digital twins, spatial simulation, and augmented work instructions on the rise. Jobs in AI model engineering, interaction design, AI content creation, data curation, and governance specialists are also anticipated to grow.

The Importance of Soft Skills

Adaptability, enthusiasm for learning, and experimentation remain crucial for tech workers. The report also underscores the growing demand for professionals with strong communication, problem-solving, and leadership abilities.

A Dynamic Future for Tech Jobseekers

Despite the challenges, 2024 presents a dynamic landscape for European tech jobseekers, with opportunities in emerging technologies and a growing emphasis on soft skills. The future of tech employment is evolving, offering diverse and exciting career paths.

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